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    "No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God." What have we left behind? What have we traded in to become faithful followers of Christ?
    The answer is different for all of us. Some of us can tell the tale of a dramatic conversion story, leaving behind a life of blatantly selfish indulgence or obviously sinful behavior in order to embrace the call of Jesus. Others of us have been Christians since the day of our baptism as infants and have always walked the path of belief, but perhaps can trace certain moments when we embraced a deeper commitment and resolved to abandon particular behaviors, relationships, or worldly priorities that were in conflict with our faith. Whatever the case, Jesus instructs us today not to look to "what was left behind." Instead, we are called to keep our focus on what lies ahead, namely, life in Christ and the ultimate hope of union with him in heaven.
    Keeping this focus can be quite a challenge. So often, it's tempting to think that the grass is greener somewhere else. As Christians, we can fall into the trap of imagining that it might feel better to be ... something else. Perhaps, seeing others around us whose lives are not shaped by their faith, we might think they have it easier than we do. Or perhaps we get lost in reminiscence about the way things were in the good old days, and thus get distracted from the mission in that stands in front of us today. But thoughts like these are not fit for our new life as disciples of Christ. As St. Paul says in today's epistle, "For freedom Christ set us free." May we embrace the gift of this true freedom and follow Christ without looking back.